Marriages take work, commitment, and love.

Everyone wants to live happily ever after. No one ever gets married with the intention of getting a divorce. Life is unpredictable, and ending your marriage is a drastic move. There are certain requirements for getting a divorce in Singapore when you have decided to give up on your marriage.

Divorce is Inevitable

To obtain a divorce in Singapore, your spouse and you must ensure that your marriage qualifies for divorce under Singapore Law.

• Have been married for at least 3 years, and

• Be domiciled in Singapore at the point of starting the divorce proceedings; or habitually resident in Singapore for at least 3 years before starting the proceedings

Please refer to divorce under Muslim Law if you are married under Muslim Law.

You will also need to establish your grounds for divorce in Singapore. The irretrievable breakdown of the marriage can be demonstrated by proving any facts below.


Your spouse has cheated on you by having a sexual relationship with someone. Discovering your spouse’s affair may lead to anger, resentment, and intense emotion. You may find it intolerable to continue living with him at this point. Take this opportunity to think about how you want to proceed with the marriage.

There is a period of 6 months from the discovery of adultery to file for divorce in Singapore. You must provide evidence proving that adultery has taken place.

Unreasonable Behaviour

Your spouse has inflicted physical or emotional abuse or any other behavior that you are unable to continue living with him or her.

Unreasonable behaviour is subjective. It may include any actions that impact the aggrieved spouse, and he/she may find it unreasonable to continue living with the other party.

You can file for divorce anytime from the date of the incident.


You and your spouse may choose to live separately and in a different household from your unhappy marriage.

Any physical separation should be maintained for a continuous period. In the event if you and your spouse resumed cohabitation for six months or less, you may not be able to use seperation as a ground of divorce.

You could file for a divorce after three years if you obtained consent from your spouse and four years if you have not obtained consent from your spouse.


Your spouse has left you and your family without warning. As a result, not only will you feel the pain associated with breaking up, but you may also feel confused and lost.

Desertion is a non-consensual separation. You will need to show that you and your spouse are physically living apart or have the intention to desert (if separated due to other reasons).

You may file for a divorce if your spouse left you for a continuous period of two years.

Ending a marriage is never easy. It may include feelings of bitterness, regret, and pain.

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However, you should always seek professional advice if you want to learn more about the procedure of a divorce.


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