To file for a divorce in Singapore, you will need to file an application via the Singapore Justice Court. There are two divorce application tracks, namely, simplified and normal.

Simplified Track

If you and your spouse agree to the divorce and all ancillary matters, both of you can file a divorce application on simplified track. After filing the necessary documents for divorce, the case will proceed to an uncontested divorce hearing. If everything is in order, the court may grant the divorce at the hearing on the terms agreed between you and your spouse. You and your spouse are not required for the meeting.

Normal Track

If you and your spouse cannot agree on any issues concerning the divorce (e.g., ancillary matters and/or divorce), you may need to file a divorce application via the normal track. A divorce application on normal track comprises of 2 stages, dealing with divorce and ancillary matters, respectively.

First Stage:

You are required to prepare and file the divorce paper and inform the court that your case is ready for the divorce hearing upon receiving the response from your spouse. After reviewing your spouse’s response, the court will schedule a contested or uncontested divorce hearing. You and your spouse may be directed to attend mediation and counselling if you have children below 21 years old.

Second Stage:

The second stage occurs when the court schedules a case conference to prepare you and your spouse for ancillary matters hearing. This happens when you and your spouse disagree on the ancillary issues. You may be required to attend multiple ancillary matters case conferences, depending on the complexity of your case. Once all documents are filed, your case will proceed to the ancillary matters hearing, and if you are not satisfied with the outcome, you may file for an appeal within 14 days.

In this track, the process is longer and more costly than the simplified track.

You are encouraged to seek legal or professional advice for any matters relating to divorce.

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